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  • Why is this better than what I'm doing now?
    The constant motion and dedicated dry space makes for the perfect compact drying setup. Becuase of the superior hanging and unique rotating design, your buds will dry more uniformly and will be significantly less prone to issues from stagnant air such as mold, mildew or budrot.
  • How does this hookup to my grow tent?
    All you have to do is use the included air duct hose to connect from one of your bottom circular cord vents on your grow tent to the DryTent. Turn your grow tent's exhaust fan up to high and the suction should be enough to draw a light breeze through the DryTent and into your grow tent, from there your grow tent's carbon filter will also eliminate the smell.
  • What is the delivery ETA?
    Shipping SAME or NEXT DAY, expect delivery in 3-5 days!
  • Can I use the DryTent for growing too?
    Yes! In fact, stay tuned, we will be lauching a compact grow tent system soon based on the DryTent smaller size. This will be perfect for discrete and small grows or even apartments.
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