The Bud Chandelier (3) (With Motor)

The innovative rotating 'Bud Chandelier' ensures all your buds have good airflow no matter where they are. This constant movement helps to prevent mold or mildew from stagnant air. With 24 clips build into each chandelier (3) (72 clips total), there's plenty of space for small-medium harvests and  it's quick easy to chop your crop, clip and hang to dry. 


The Fresh Maker contains activated charcoal which absorbs moisture and impurities in the air, keeping it fresh and dry. It regulates humidity and removes any mold spores keeping your DryTent super fresh.


Hang or place it anywhere you want. To rejuvenate, place out in the sun once a month for an hour or two.

The Bud Chandelier (3) (With Motor)

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